Like the California point break it was named for, the Rincon is a classic West Coast straight bri...

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hfm140-tiger-shark-green-mirror-lens-angle4.png (1)

Half Moon

You'll look like a Maverick in Costa's Half Moon sunglasses, a West Coast inspired beach style th...

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at01-blackout-gray-lens-angle4 copy.png

Cat Cay

Paying tribute to a sleepy island about 8 miles south of Bimini—once the infamous hideout of Blac...

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rft98-matte-gray-blue-mirror-lens-angle4 copy.png


With 12 different river systems less than an hour's drive from town, it's no wonder New Zealand's...

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blk103-matte-verde-teak-black-green-mirror-lens-angle4.png (1)


This term is reserved for men who are tough, dependable, and plain fun to be around. These extra-...

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Remora's are named for a fish that hangs with some of the baddest sharks in the ocean; yet their ...

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coo158-satin-black-gray-silver-mirror-lens-angle4.png (1)


Captain James Cook was an epic explorer, navigator and cartographer, and we belive there's a litt...

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tas11-shiny-black-green-mirror-lens-angle4 copy.png

Tasman Sea

This body of water between New Zealand and Australia has been called one of the roughest stretche...

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wtp98-matte-gray-blue-mirror-lens-angle4 copy.png


This fearless and curious shark leads a migratory life that generally leads to warm tropic waters...

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kwa66-retro-tortoise-green-mirror-lens-angle4 copy.png


These frames are named in honor of one of the divine guardians of the ocean in the traditions of ...

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NEW bl11-matte-black-green-mirror-lens-angle4.png


You might have gallons of brine in your face and 600 pounds on your hook, but these sunglasses st...

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mtu111-matte-black-teak-blue-mirror-lens-angle4 copy.png


Named after the perfect spot to take a break in the crystal, clear waters of the salt flats, the ...

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rfl111-matte-black-teak-blue-mirror-lens-angle4 copy.png


Ever know a guide whose eyes seemed perfectly calibrated to local waters? Who could spot a bonefi...

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fs11-matte-black-copper-lens-angle4 copy.png


Named after the legendary, modern-day explorer Chris Fisch, these Costa Men’s Angler sunglasses a...

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tf69-realtree-xtra-camo-orange-logo-green-mirror-lens-angle4 copy.png


Always ready to hit the flats or hook a deep-sea behemoth, the Costa Fantail sunglasses are the s...

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ut51-honey-tortoise-copper-lens-angle4 copy.png


Often, a small break in the shoreline is the best place to sit and let the fish come right to the...

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ta01-blackout-green-mirror-lens-angle4 (1) copy.png

Tuna Alley

Named after the legendary 15-mile stretch of sand cutting through the deep blue Bahamian waters w...

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br11-matte-black-copper-lens-angle4 copy.png


For those who bleed saltwater, Costa’s Brine sunglasses are one of the most useful fishing tools ...

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cb18-silver-green-mirror-lens-angle4 copy.png


Sharp seas call for sharp shades. Costa Corbina sunglasses boast sharp angles and wide temples, n...

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cl30-white-black-green-mirror-lens-angle4 copy.png


Always ready for sand, surf or open water, Costa’s Caballito sunglasses are the perfect companion...

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cz01-blackout-silver-mirror-lens-angle4 copy.png


The Sea of Cortez has been called "the world's aquarium," and few waters can match its variety an...

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Mag Bay

Named in homage to the mangrove-lined, estuary Magdalena Bay in Baja, California that has some of...

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ana73-matte-caribbean-fade-gray-lens-angle4 copy.png


Named after one of the most unspoiled beaches in the world, Costa’s Anaa sunglasses put the play ...

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ay50-thunder-gray-blue-mirror-lens-angle4 copy.png


Channeling the spirit of the Native Americans who originally inhabited the Bahamas, Costa Cayan s...

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fa11-matte-black-green-mirror-lens-angle4 copy.png


Hardcore sunglasses for the hardest-core saltwater junkies. These Costa Fathom sunglasses co-inje...

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hh28-silver-teak-silver-mirror-lens-angle4 copy.png


Made for those who have the guts to get into the water and chase the unknown, the Costa Hammerhea...

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gt77-matte-tortuga-fade-green-mirror-lens-angle4 copy.png


Just like any good tropical, fish angler would say, the Trevally is a hard-fighting, good-looking...

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hl01-blackout-green-mirror-lens-angle4 copy.png


Named after the legendary angler, Captain Ron Hamlin, Costa’s Hamlin sunglasses bring a presence ...

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hno01-blackout-green-mirror-lens-angle4 copy.png


Named after the flower that decorates French Polynesia, the pandanus, these Costa Hinano sunglass...

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hr10-tortoise-gray-lens-angle4 copy.png


Virtually indestructible, Costa’s Harpoon sunglasses are the best fishing sunglasses for those wh...

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jo98-matte-gray-green-mirror-lens-angle4 copy.png


Legendary angler. Larger than life personality. Adventurer. Explorer. Jose Wejebe was many things...

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pt11-matte-black-blue-mirror-lens-angle4 copy.png


Made to be an extension of any hardcore fisherman’s face, the Costa Permit sunglasses are built t...

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Named after the remote and relaxed Pawley’s island in South Carolina, these sunglasses channel it...

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ro11-matte-black-silver-mirror-lens-angle4 copy.png


Named after the elusive Roosterfish, The Costa Rooster sunglasses are a tribute to all the fly fi...

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zn11-matte-black-green-mirror-lens-angle4 copy.png


Taking their name from the Zane Grey reef, the Costa Zane sunglasses are named in honor of one of...

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